Meet the team – Heidi Fardell

On the occasion of Fiori Musicali’s performance of their ‘Vivaldi’s Venice’ at Bilton Grange Chapel, I thought I’d have a chat with one of the main instrumentalists of the evening, Heidi Fardell. Heidi’s instrument is quite familiar for many of us. It’s often the first experience that we have playing music. ‘London’s Burning’ might give you a clue.

Bonfire night with a difference

Who doesn’t love Bonfire night?

Forgetting the allegations of torture and the whole Gunpowder Plot (basically everything associated with it), I love Bonfire Night. It reminds me of the firework displays I went to as a child, wrapped up in at least 100 layers, whooshing my sparkler around to spell my name with the light, the smell of hotdogs and the sound of classical music drifting through the crisp cold air to stir the senses.